I use mosaic, collage and printmaking to explore linked personal, conceptual and contemporary themes, including:  fatherhood, family, social justice, wellbeing and social change.

For me, using diverse methods, mark making, materials and techniques allows me to create art in a way that illuminates the breadth of my concerns and interests.  It allows me to experiment, change and develop my work in differing ways.  However, using one approach, like cutting stained glass, often helps develop my work within another approach, such as tearing prepared papers for creating collages, which is really creative, exciting and stimulating.

My concerns are grounded in doing, researching and writing about health, care, poverty, wellbeing and public health over many years.  Most importantly, my work is inspired, on the one hand, by traditional practices, for example Graeco-Roman art, but also, on the other hand, by Modernism.  Modernism, I believe, offers the creativity, dynamism and optimism necessary to understand and represent our contemporary experiences in our fast changing lives.

Robert Williams PhD, MSc, BA.